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If on a weekday breakfast, a sandwich of whole grain bread with a piece of ham will do, then on the weekend you want to treat yourself to something special. Moreover, 30 minutes will be enough to prepare some gourmet breakfasts. Every weekday  Indiaas restaurant in Amsterdam offers the best price.

The formula for the perfect breakfast

Breakfast is a charge of vivacity and energy for the whole day. Therefore, breakfast should be correct and varied.
If you skipped the morning meal, you did not start the metabolism. They didn’t wake up the body and didn’t give it a push, which means that it will swing for a long time before it starts working normally.

Nutritionists say that breakfast should contain proteins and complex carbohydrates, which take a long time to break down. This will help keep you feeling full for a long time.
Slow carbohydrates contain:

in cereals: oatmeal, buckwheat, brown or red rice, basmati, quinoa;
legumes: beans, peas, lentils;

coarse grain flour;

vegetables: cabbage, tomatoes, zucchini, bell peppers;
some fruits: pears, oranges, apples, peaches.

The ideal protein component of breakfast can be:
cottage cheese and dishes from it: lazy dumplings, cheesecakes, cottage cheese casseroles;
chicken eggs in the form of omelets with vegetables and herbs, poached and served on whole grain bread;
grilled, sous vide or oven-baked turkey or chicken fillet with herbs served with a sauce such as hollandaise.


Nutritionists agree that eggs are the perfect morning protein meal. For breakfast, they can be eaten with the yolk, which contains cholesterol. Eggs are highly digestible and provide satiety for several hours without causing a feeling of heaviness in the stomach.
They contain a sufficient amount of amino acids: approximately 30% of the daily requirement.
But the main value of eggs is that they can be cooked quickly, simply, and in a variety of ways.

Egg options:
scramble served with a few pieces of camembert on a slice of baguette fried in butter and garlic;
Israeli shakshuka;
whole-grain toast with poached egg, cream cheese, and avocado slices;
omelet baked in bacon;
egg rolls with vegetables and herbs;

croissant with lightly salted salmon, eggs, and hollandaise sauce.

These breakfasts take an average of 15 minutes to prepare. All of them consist of available ingredients. With the exception of omelets in the oven: they need to be kept for 30-40 minutes.

But this is a passive cooking option when you brush your teeth or do your hair while the oven is baking.
Since childhood, mothers have been saying that cereals are useful: “If you don’t eat, you won’t leave the table!”, And they put a plate with semolina or oatmeal in front of us.
Now we understand that their statements were justified: porridge eaten in the morning keeps you feeling full for a long time, does not create an additional burden on the digestive tract, and supplies the body with nutrients.

The most useful and low-calorie cereal of all is oatmeal (109 kcal per 100 g).
For cooking porridge, it is better to use unprocessed oatmeal: there are no “instant cooking” markings on packs with such ones, and they are more useful than instant flakes.

There are a lot of original recipes for cereals. Our favorite is lazy oatmeal, which, according to this step-by-step recipe, is prepared in a couple of minutes, and served with berries and nuts.

Now it has become fashionable to eat bulgur. This cereal is useful, so everyone who is on a diet and tries to eat right prefers it.
Bulgur contains a lot of fiber, so it works in the intestines like a kind of brush, cleansing it. It goes well with vegetables, such as peppers and zucchini: such a breakfast is also enhanced by dietary fiber.

Cottage cheese and dairy products

There is probably no person who would not eat something dairy in the morning. Someone has breakfast with cottage cheese and sour cream, someone has yogurt with oatmeal cookies, and someone drinks a cup of coffee with a piece of hard cheese. And all this is correct: dairy products contain protein and calcium, which are necessary for the body, especially in the morning.
If you choose the perfect product for breakfast, then it will be cottage cheese, which remains healthy even after heat treatment.
  • From cottage cheese you can cook:
  • various options for casseroles;
  • lazy dumplings;
  • cottage cheese pancakes with bananas ;
  • cottage cheese cream with berries;
  • cottage cheese gnocchi;
  • curds with cherry sauce.
Many housewives do not take up the preparation of cheesecakes, believing that they will still fall apart in a pan, but in vain. Here is a collection of proven step-by-step recipes and tips on how to make perfect cheesecakes.

What can be done?

Show your imagination and make a weekend breakfast special. Then in the morning, you will be charged not only with energy from the dishes you ate but also with a good mood. After all, food is one of the most accessible pleasures in the world.

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