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You don't need a reason to please your loved one. An appetizing breakfast will cheer you up both on a festive day and on an ordinary morning. We tell you what to cook for a loved one and get a portion of compliments (and not only) in return. If you want more quality time to spend with friend you can hire a private chef.

What should be the perfect breakfast

Breakfast for loved ones is prepared with soul. This means that the food can be the most ordinary, prepared from simple ingredients, but it must be presented beautifully.
So, fresh herbs, cherry tomatoes or other vegetables sprinkled with coarse salt are suitable for decorating unsweetened delicacies. For sweet pancakes, cheesecakes, or porridge, use seasonal fruits and berries, jam, honey, mint, powdered sugar, cinnamon, or cocoa. If you decide to make sandwiches, lay out the filling beautifully: for example, butter can be laid in neat curls.

A surprise breakfast needs to be served exquisitely. It is better to take care of everything in advance, for example, to purchase a tray and pretty napkins. We must not forget about the dishes: in any family, there is at least one elegant service. If you don't use it daily, it's worth getting the patterned cups and plates out of the cupboard for this breakfast.

To make breakfast for your beloved perfect, it is advisable to follow a few simple rules:
think over the menu and the concept in advance, and make sure that all the ingredients are at home; get up early so that you have time to realize all your ideas;
remember the little things: if you do not add salt or sugar, you can easily spoil the finished dish;
consider how you can replace the portable table if it is not there. It can be a large cutting board covered with a beautifully patterned napkin, or a tray;
do not forget about the details: for example, you can add a card with warm wishes for the day or a laconic bouquet to breakfast.
Gourmet goodies for a good morning.


Pay attention to the recipe for French hot sandwiches Croque Madame and Croque Monsieur. They are prepared from simple ingredients in a matter of minutes, and they turn out beautiful and tasty. Sandwiches practically do not differ from each other, except that Croque Madame has a neat “hat” made from an egg fried in butter.
Add a touch of sophistication to your breakfast by serving gourmet cheese or fresh exotic fruit as an accompaniment.


Banal oatmeal granola with yogurt can be served in an unusual way - these ingredients are easy to prepare baskets with cream. The dessert will turn out to be useful because it contains no flour, no sugar, and very little oil. He will definitely like a girl leading a healthy lifestyle.
Hearty breakfasts


In the event that a girl or wife prefers to have breakfast thoroughly or you are going to spend the day actively, give preference to ingredients that saturate well and energize for a long time.
For a hearty breakfast, egg dishes are ideal - they are rich in protein and the right fats. You can fry an egg in the shape of a heart. If there is no special form at hand, use ordinary sausages: just cut them in half lengthwise, roll them into a heart shape, place an egg inside, and season with salt and pepper. Such scrambled eggs, made from familiar ingredients, will turn out not only unusual and beautiful but tasty and quick to prepare.


A great option for a hearty breakfast can be porridge. But so that it does not remind you of breakfasts at school or kindergarten, it must be cooked according to all the rules, strictly following the recipe. Perhaps its main ingredients are milk and butter, without them, the taste will be completely different. And be sure to stir the cereal regularly during cooking.
Ready porridge can be decorated with nuts, dried fruits, or fresh berries, then it will look like a restaurant dish.

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